All you need to know about me

Hi there! My name is Matthew Williams. I'm an enthusiastic UI / UX Web & Mobile Designer & Developer based in the North West of England. I'm focused on designing intuitive and simplistic websites that grabs the visitors attention and developer projects that oozes constructive user experiences. My life's passion is building designs and user interaction with great clients.

Self-taught since I was 10 years of age, I have developed expertise on common programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript (including jQuery). Some extra development languages I have self-taught such as PHP, MySQL, and JSON are included and for modern web development software I strongly use Node.JS for most of my current and upcoming projects.

Photoshop CC & Illustrator CC are my essential utensils in my life and without them there won't be who I am today with also a little help from Sublime Text & Atom IDEs to developer projects to make life easier to code.


Don't expect any circular maze solutions, only your consciousness can solve that
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Project ideas? I can make that into reality

You can contact me however and when you like by using the form below and I will try to contact you within 24 hours. If you need a project that needs designing or developing that I can complete or have any commercial work that requires a freelance designer and/or developer to work on, this is the place to contact me and nothing is too big or too small. If you haven't seen my latest work, click it here.